Flat Pack Chair

Collaboration with Kaivahn Sarkaratpour and Calvin Rupnow

Design Parameters:

Simple Design, Adaptable, Portable

We created a chair that could be easily packed and transported, yet still comfortable and able to conform to the curves of the body.

Finger Splint Re-design

Collaboration with Katrina Sustachek and Em Jack

Client Needs:

The client has contracture issues which resulted from severe burns on the backside of his hands.  In addition to helping the user keep his finger in the “open” position, the splint was required to be low profile enough that he can still put his hands into his pockets, and soft enough to protect the sensitive skin.

We constructed a dynamic finger splint, which aims to replace the extension mechanism of the second knuckle or the Proximal Interphalangeal joint (PIP).

Design Goals:

  • Low profile design

  • Minimal contact around burn area

  • Comfortable

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Controls finger movement, but can bend if needed for finger therapy exercises

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