RISD|CE Summer 2018

Instructors: Molly Palecek + Gail Dodge

The course begins with an overview of digital fabrication processes and their potential applications to all fields of art and design. Following, students are supported in developing individual projects primarily utilizing laser cutting, FDM (fusion deposition modeling) and SLA (stereolithography) 3D printing, and UV printing. Other fabrication technologies are introduced as student interest dictate: casting and mould making, vacuum forming, pen/knife plotting, large-format printing, industrial sewing, etc. In line with RISD’s interdisciplinary culture, the course is structured to integrate all individual creative practices and has applications to fashion, textiles, jewelry, product and industrial design, ceramics, as well as sculpture and painting.

*The following images are products made by the students during the class.*


Whereables: Jewelry, Memory, Place

RISD Wintersession 2018, 5 week course

Instructors: Molly Palecek + Eli Backer

This interdisciplinary course introduced students to the design challenges inherent to both site-based thinking and wearable sculpture, the overarching goal was to bridge the scales of place and person in a way that is intimate and meaningful to the wearer.

Encouraging students to experiment, iterate, and build upon their current making skills, this course introduced basic methods from digital fabrication and electronic wearables. This included 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, wire-working, jewelry techniques, linkage systems, sewing, digital embroidery, electronics, circuit board manufacture, and programming for microcontrollers (msp430).

The following images are products made by the students during the class.

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